Filters for Endoscopic & Surgical Suction machines

Our suction filters can be found in many market leading machines used across different medical areas. They may be found in portable machines providing suction application in an emergency situation, or can be found in machines located within operating theatres used on a daily basis.

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Hydrophobic / Bacterial Filter Solutions

These filters are primarily used to prevent the suction pumps from being damaged through flooding and contamination from the fluids that are being removed. Our filters efficiency offer 99.97% D.O.P. retention (0.3 micron particle size). They are also available with alternative connection sizes and fittings, making them suitable for placement in a wide range of machines.

Surgical smoke plume (Diathermy)

Thermal, laser or other electro-devices are used to cauterise or dissect tissue during the surgical procedure, this generates emissions from the surgical area which can present issues for surgeons and nurses within this environment. For example, the smoke plume could hinder the visibility of the surgical area. Within the operating theatre the smoke could become an irritant, especially to those with existing respiratory complaints.

The HSE released a review in 2012 expressing opinions and views regarding exposure, the BOHS also released a COSHH guidance document on Surgical Smoke in 2006.

Dedicated evacuation/extraction of surgical smoke can be effective at reducing these exposure levels, in these applications  an appropriate filter is used in-line with the extraction device to remove particles and odour emitted.

Designed for specific uses

The performance of a filter can be designed to match very specific criteria.
For example a portable suction unit may require filters that operate effectively with intermittent use. Whereas, those for an oropharyngeal function may require a filter to operate at high vacuum levels and those for use on infants or children may need to operate at a much lower vacuum level.

At Medical Filtration Solutions we can design filters to meet these very varied and specific criteria.

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